Cloudmining Rental Ahmadimado

This is a website that will blow your mind and realised if it’s so legit and real. Ahmadi is Indonesian Crypto miner and owned a mining farm. Let’s check him out.

If you want to participate in Doge based go to
in Bitcoin
in Ethereum
in Litecoin

After open the website, simply put your wallet address respectively with each of site then make a new password that you want to use as login password then hit Login.

Don’t forget to set your email by put in email address field and enter your current password before buying any available Power plans in the Dashboard. Don’t worry about your fund because Ahmad used it transparently to buy Antminers and/or build rigs. He share his reward profit to his platform and also always report his mining farm in Youtube videos on his channel

His latest videos per this blog post is he intend to make his own water power plant (Hydroelectricity)

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