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We are charged with the responsibility of managing investor’s capital, running the daily affairs of the fund as well as managing ongoing investment decisions regarding the composition of the fund’s portfolio.

Affiliate Program

Any person can receive additional income by informing people about BaladMilly. The affiliate program is 7 percent of the newly deposited amount of the referrals.


When depositing or withdrawing funds from his account, the client allowed to use cryptocurrency at his own request.

Auto Accrual

The possibility of accruals daily is provided. Those add to Balance of Account are issued instantly.


Capitalization of the income received on the client's deposit occurs the same time with its accrual; after capitalization, the income automatically adds to the main deposit and it also begins to accrue profits.

Simplicity & clarity

Clear rules and simple system of withdrawal cryptocurrency. The process will take about 48 hours before reaching the wallet of customers. We did audit manually and process it in the time scope.

Unchangable Profit Plan

The profit plan "1.25 percent per day" in BaladMilly. It is guaranteed to be an unchangeable plan regardless of the deposit's amount.


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